Need to sell your home? It’s all about the marketing

Teddy Runge
Teddy Runge
Published on June 28, 2017

There’s no secret to getting a home sold quickly, weather you are selling in Truckee, Tahoe or elsewhere – the more people that view it, the better your chances of a quick sale. Unfortunately, some real estate agents try to get away with sticking a sign into the dirt, a lockbox on the door, and an iphone photo on the listing. Sure, that might work, but it may also fail. Are you willing to take that chance? Since you will pay the same amount for that basic service as you will for the pro marketer, shouldn’t you do your best to find the latter?

How much is your Truckee home worth?
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The key to getting lots of interested buyers through the front door of your home requires a plan and a robust marketing budget to back up that plan. Keep this in mind when you’re interviewing listing agents. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a copy of their marketing plans, [here’s mine] and ask to see examples of past marketing efforts and ensure that the agent has the money to put that plan into action.

Any Bob, Joe or Tom can put your house on the market – but marketing your home to the fullest?  That takes time, ingenuity, and money.   For Truckee home sellers, my brokerage will pay for professional photography, and we will boost your listing through signage, MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, social media sites, realtor news, open houses, and targeted email marketing – all targeted straight to your ideal buyers.

Are you a second home owner? Would your vacation property listing benefit from walk-by foot traffic for exposure to people skiing at Northstar? Or email blasts to qualified Bay Area buyers? We’ll get your home seen by the right people for a successful sale.

Marketing tip #1: Getting the listing price right isn’t rocket science

Any home on the market should be priced right out of the gates. It’s true that pricing a home too high may cause it to fester on the market and the homeowner may even end up getting less for it than hoped. You’ve heard of a CMA, right?  Some people call them comps – and this is referring to the analysis realtors use for an accurate measurement of market value.

Ok, so maybe overpricing your home seems like you are building in room for negotiations.  Inflating the price may seem like the right thing to do, but watch out – you may just price out the right buyer.



Marketing, in a nutshell, is the megaphone for your listing – it screams to the world that your house is for sale, that it’s worth taking a look at and why it’s better than the competition.

While there are many ways to accomplish this, at Tahoe Mountain Realty we use a combination of several strategies.   The most important weapon in the marketing arsenal, however, is photography.

Marketing tip #2: Crystal Clear Photography is Critical

Americans are visual creatures and nothing proves this more than the Internet.  Take a tour of any real estate site that offers a glimpse into the local MLS and you’ll find far too many listings that lack any photos at all or offer up photos of homes that are blurry, off center and just downright terrible in many cases. Since most homebuyers go online to begin their search for a home, these photos are useless.


The statistics: Studies prove that homes that are photographed by a professional net the owner more money and sell faster than those that were marketed using photographs snapped by an amateur.

 A national real estate study found that homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million netted the homeowner from $3,400 to $11,000 more than homes that were not professionally photographed. Another study finds that the sharper the photograph, the more money the seller will net at the close of escrow.

So, Truckee home sellers, rest assured – at Tahoe Mountain Realty, we have a professional photographer come and shoot EVERY SINGLE ONE of our listings.

Marketing Tip #3: Get your home seen by the masses, yet direct your messaging towards the likely buyer of your home.

 Our Truckee Home Sellers System will get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. The reason our reach is so extensive is because we invest heavily in web, social networking, email, and print campaigns that feature our listings in all the places where buyers are looking. When Truckee home sellers hire us, we will identify your ideal buyer and then develop and implement marketing designed to reach them.

For many Americans, their home is their largest financial investment. It only makes sense that Truckee home sellers want to get every last penny they can when it comes time to cash in. Approach the sale of your home as a business transaction. Search out the best professionals to assist you and you’ll be successful.


Truckee home sellers, can I help you out?  Let’s get together and see if my service can exceed your expectations.

How much is your Truckee home worth?
Find out today.