Donner Lake offerings

All-Seasons Fun

Donner Lake is a really special place.  It feels nostalgic – the sights and pine-scented air has a way of bringing people fond memories of mountain vacations.  Homes in Donner Lake are as varied as they come.  You can find back streets offering more affordable cabins, and on the other side of the scale you’ll be blown away by lakefront estates.

If you’ve been to Donner Lake before, you’ll agree that it’s a step towards a more simple way of life.  Where sunshine and family memories take center stage.  If you’re interested in current listings for homes in Donner Lake, please give me a call or email, I’d be happy to assist.


What to do....

Donner Lake's amenities

Boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, beaching it, claiming a public pier, hiking, and more…..

Not to be missed.....

Dining and entertainment