Selling your home can bring a ton of anxieties – yet selling your house remotely will layer on a whole new set of stressors. Questions such as how will you keep your home in showing condition when you’re not around? What if the plumbing pipes break?  Will your listing agent offer to help you out with snow removal for showings?

There is a ton of work that goes into getting a home ready for it’s first day on the market.  My advice to you is be sure to use a top agent who is experienced in remote home sellers.  A lot of my clients are second homeowners – selling remotely is part of the business in Truckee/Tahoe, so I’m used to it, and would love to help you out.  The following are some steps to help ease the fears home sellers may have about selling your home remotely.

6 Tips for Listing your Home While You’re Away

1.  Leave your home furnished, it’ll show much better, and it allows people to envision themselves living in your space.
2.  If you live in a spot where you know the neighbors, ask them to give you a ring if they notice anything ‘off’ – for example, maybe a rushed buyers agent forgot to turn a light off.
3.  Turn water off when not in use, or winterize the home if not using during the winter months. I am happy to provide “Please Kindly do not use” signs on your plumbing fixtures.   
4.  Many sellers who live remotely might be tempted to overprice the home. When it’s not your primary home it may not feel imperative to sell immediately.  This is a mistake.  Considering that the most attention is paid to the listing in the first few days, you gotta come out of the gates at market value to be taken seriously.  
5.  Often times, things come up during the sale.   If there’s a request for repairs, and you’re not around – will your realtor be willing to get a repair professional into the home and ensure the work is up to par?  
 6. Trust your real estate professional to market your house to the max.  Click here for a peek inside my marketing plan.

Interested in TOP TIPS for getting your house ready to sell?

If I were a home seller and planning to list my home remotely, I’d be sure to pick a good fit agent, one who I’d enjoy. Communication becomes even more important when you are relying on them to provide the level of service that remote home selling requires.  Please let me know how I can assist if you are selling in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe.  
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I hope this post helps ease your fears about listing your Truckee home while living remotely!!