How to Execute a Family Ski Trip that Feels More Like a Retreat….

Teddy Runge
Teddy Runge
Published on December 12, 2017

Have you ever had a family trip where you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?  Yeah, me too.  Ski vacations though?  After living in Truckee for almost 10 years, my family has those mastered. I’m going to share some wisdom today that will help you execute a smooth family ski trip – so you can keep your sanity AND enjoy your time on the mountain


Nothing leaches the fun out faster than being cold.  And it’s hard to warm those piggies back up after your child’s toes get chilled!  Layer your family up with a base layer, neck/face warmer, thermal and waterproof ski gear.
You should bring 2 pairs of gloves for each family member, because your little ones won’t want to put the wet ones back on for an afternoon of sledding.


Are any of the members in your family beginners?  Believe me, you do not want to take on the teaching unless you have a strong back and the patience of a saint.  You spend so much time on your butt when you learn to ski or snowboard – it can be frustrating for everybody, so leaving it to the professionals is a good start to a successful family ski trip.
During peak seasons and weekends you’ll want to make sure you book lessons early because they do sell out.  For Northstar California, go to lessons here.


Being lost on the mountain can be even more dangerous than being lost in the mall.  Make sure to designate a meeting place just in case.  Your kids should also know how to spot an employee- they likely carry radios and can locate the parents quickly.
Make sure you ski under control:  Make sure your family knows how to turn and stop to prevent injuries.



Schlepping gear is a workout, and if you have small kids you’ll feel like a packing mule.  My reccomendation is to stay in the ski Village, don’t even look at your vehicle till your return home.  With the highly amenitized Village at Northstar, this is easy – good food, and great activities you truly won’t want to leave anyway.
Tahoe Mountain Lodging:  When you book a condo in the village, you have access to a storage cage for your gear.
The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe:  you will be spoiled with the on-mountain ski concierge service, which includes overnight ski storage.
Maybe consider platinum lockers: if you ski Northstar on a regular basis, you should consider this a great option for ski and snowboard storage for extended or repeat family ski trips.


You won’t find ski and snowboard rentals for any less than $35 a day.  So if your family ski trip is 4 or more days, you may want to check out doing a season lease or ski delivery service for the length of your stay.  For example, Tahoe Dave’s does a 4 day ski lease for $60 for kids and $120 for adults.  Ski Butler’s ski delivery service rates are $34 and $67 per day at the time of this writing.


People have been scarred for life because of a family ski trip gone sour.  Weather it’s too much pressure for performance, or a wreck into the lift line, remember – a flexible vacation is a memorable vacation.
If your daughter does 3 runs and then wants to call it quits and have a hot cocoa – that’s not only age-approprite but it’s fully acceptable.  In fact, if you build a snowman in your ski boots, and never make it to the slopes that’s a good memory (and great photo op).
Better yet – swap the skis for skates at Northstar’s Ice Rink!!


Mix it up! Ride the gondola up to the Ritz, make s’mores, take in a flick, ice skate, bungee trampoline, tube rides, and more!!  I really hope you enjoy your family ski trip, and if that happens to be in Tahoe, please consider calling me if you’d like to look at some real estate during your stay.
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