Authentic. Alpine. Community

Sugar Bowl real estate includes homes in and around Donner Summit. Ringing in at an impressive altitude of 7,060 you’ll need the bumper sticker, ‘MUST LOVE SNOW.’  The mountain communities that make up Donner Summit include Pla Vada, Kingsvale, Serene Lakes, Sugar Bowl, Cisco Grove, and Soda Springs.

Located on Old Highway 40, just west of Donner Lake, Sugar Bowl is one of the oldest ski resorts in California.  Sugar Bowl actually opened the first chairlift in the history of California skiing.

What is Sugar Bowl today It has grown into a world-class ski resort without losing its original charm. Today it features 10 lifts, 84 trails and 2 terrain parks with a separate superpipe.  I have many area friends who say that Sugar Bowl has an amazing kids team and lesson program.

Today, the Donner Summit and specifically Sugar Bowl real estate, just a minute or two from I-80, feel quietly removed from all things city. Donner Pass, in the Sierra Nevada of northern California, is named for the Donner party. The pass now represents the most important route connecting San Francisco with Reno. It lies within Tahoe National Forest, and Donner Memorial State Park is right nearby which highlights the area’s fateful story of The Donner Party.

There are small general stores, knick-knack shops, public piers, motels and cabins, pleasant cafes, hiking trails, biking trails, endless views, fishing, clean, sandy beaches, and an amazing selections of slopes that lure boarders and skiers alike to  Sugar Bowl, Norden, Soda Springs and Donner Ski Ranch.

The granite cliffs and outcroppings at the west end of the lake are lined with rock climbing routes that are among the world’s most famous.  All evidence that Sugar Bowl real estate is a great solution to purchasing a home that feels almost off-grid.

Because if it’s convenient location, deep snowfall and incredible diversity of terrain, buyers continue to seek out Sugar Bowl real estate. CHECK OUT THE SUGAR BOWL WEBSITE HERE.

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