JUST SOLD: Four real examples to help you sell your home in Truckee

Teddy Runge
Published on September 19, 2018

JUST SOLD: Four real examples to help you sell your home in Truckee

Four REAL homes.  Four actual Truckee homesellers.  What did they do right {or wrong}.  If you want to sell your home in Truckee quickly, you should study up.

Why is it that some homes sell almost right off the bat, and others linger and then stagnate on the market?  Most Truckee sellers are selling for a reason, and they’d like to move on with their plans, so a home that is sluggish on the market is not the least bit amusing.

As an agent, I’d do nothing short of moving mountains to get my client’s home sold. I know how painful those monthly mortgage payments can be when your home is not selling, or offers are coming in low.

So what reasons lead to a home festering on the market?  Better said, what attributes cause a property to sell within a week?

{HINT: it’s not always severe deferred maintenance, outdated fixtures, and terrible curb appeal.}  If you’d like to sell your home in Truckee, fast, for the most money, check out the following case studies.

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1.) Check out 7213 Larkspur Court in The Village at Northstar. It’s a luxury townhome that lives and feels like a single-family home with gated exclusivity.  This is a really nice listing – BUT, it sat on the market for literally years – on and off market since 2011.  At $2.29 million dollars, the seller was way out of range for market value on this home.  After multiple price reductions, this property just finally sold recently, for almost a more reasonable price of $1.5 million.  The cause?  Overpricing.

2.) Alternatively, this next home sold within 48 hours on the market.   What’s more? 13617 Skislope Way sold for $5K over asking, at higher than average square footage for Tahoe Donner.  Now this wasn’t a brand new home, but sellers had it in great selling condition.  Properties with ideal or unique locations will always have the ability to push the market like this.  There’s always going to be a buyer willing to pay more because of the premier value buyers attribute to location, and that’s what led to this one selling so quickly.

3.) 12590 Parsenn Road in Tahoe Donner.  This property has amazing views, and was correctly priced at market value.  This is a property which sold at asking price, and went into contract within a couple days.  It’s a simple recipe for a quick sell – price it right and have it retail ready. {READ: Our System for Truckee Home Sellers}


4.) Now, take 9114 Heartwood Drive, which had exceptionally high days on market.  Originally this home was listed at $1.485 million – too high of a price considering it is a resale townhome competing with brand-new builds.  While this home is staged to the nines, the market won’t stretch for a townhome located right on the main road.  After price reductions, this home finally sold in August at $1.34 ($148,000 less than list price).  The culprit? Again, Overpricing.

In summary, Please don’t think that if your home isn’t updated, it won’t sell quickly. What I mean to say is this – take into consideration that not every home has the ideal view, location, or upgrades, and really look at what your home offers (or lacks) in these attributes.

Overpricing can have expensive disadvantages if your listing stagnates on the market and requires numerous price reductions to sell.  Even a single price reduction takes thousands of dollars off your bottom line.

Believe me, if your homes attributes (or lack of) is reflected in the price, there will be a buyer and your home will sell.  {READ: What your listing agent should have told you about overpricing your home)

I thank you for reading this post,  and invite you to reach out to me if you’d like to sell your home in Truckee.

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How much is your home worth?
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