Make your vacant home irresistible to homebuyers

Teddy Runge
Published on February 25, 2019

Make your vacant home irresistible to homebuyers

It’s true, selling a vacant home can be a bit more challenging, than selling one that is occupied. Not many of us can easily envision the lifestyle that an empty room might provide. These are homes that offer no promises of sanctuary and not even a hint of the simple, blissful moments one might experience under their roofs.

That comfort and well-loved appeal left the home when you did.

It doesn’t matter why you had to move out of the house before it sold. What matters now is how you’re going to sell it — how does one market a vacant home?

You’ll need to spend some time – and some money – to achieve top dollar for your property.  But, since studies demonstrate that it takes significantly longer to sell an unfurnished home, the investment of your time and money may well be worth it and then some.

Want to know how to pump up the appeal on a vacant home? Read on for a couple ways to achieve the warmth of a furnished residence.

DIY home staging

If you have an eye for design, consider staging at least the most important rooms in the home such as the living spaces. Even if you aren’t particularly decorating-inclined, you’ll find  DIY staging tips online at HGTV or Pinterest.

The key to successful staging, however, happens before you decorate. Cleaning the home, from top-to-bottom and removing your excess belongings gives you a clean slate on which to work your magic. Challenge yourself to fill a few moving boxes with clutter, nic-nacks and unnecessary household items and stack them in the garage to make your space more clean and spacious.

Often, just a few well-placed pieces of furniture, area rugs, and accessories will help a home look much better to your buyers.  Having another set of eyes on it helps too – call in a favor from a friend who has good taste.

Even better, hire a professional home stager

If you have more money than time, have your home professionally staged. For one fee, the designer will bring in furniture, and accessories and then arrange them in a manner that shows off the home’s interior for maximum appeal to homebuyers.

Prices vary by region, according to the size of the home, how much staging you require, and the home’s price point.  Check out Truckee design and styling studio Tinsel – designer Raegan Twissleman offers a great staging service for homeowners who like the eclectic vintage + modern blend.


Lastly, outdoor appeal

The front yard, porch, and entry are especially important when a home is for sale. It’s what entices (or repels) people to enter the home – yes, EVEN in our snowy Sierra winters.  Keep the snow removal tidy, or the lawn green and mowed, the beds free of debris and shrubs and trees trimmed.

Studies prove that a furnished home sells 78 percent quicker, and for closer to asking price than a vacant home. It’s confirmed, selling a home with no “life” in it can be more challenging, but completely workable.


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