The rise of work-at-home culture has changed your typical homebuyer’s wish-list.  

More often than not, buyers are looking for a home that has space for a home office. Truckee, at times, feels like a Bay Area suburb, and being only hours from the Bay, our mountain town is an easy choice for telecommuters.

The recent statistic is that over 13 million Americans work from home.  In fact, Stanford Professor Nicholas Bloom reported that employee performance shows a boost in productivity when working remotely.  

With this statistic in mind, listed homes that offer a bonus room, a loft, even a 4th bedroom or solid surface in the laundry room –  allow Truckee buyers to envision a great home office set-up.

You’ll find the home office trend making it’s way to developers as well.  Weather the builder does a formal home office or a built-in nook, this trend is notable, useful, and here to stay.

Truckee being a vacation home area, I’ve even noticed the home office has become favorable in the second home market.  An office workspace in your vacation home means spending more time on the mountains ~ and even better, multi-purpose the space with a murphy bed for guests.